Improve your WordPress coding practices

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Are you a WordPress developer or are you thinking of becoming one? Have you heard that WordPress is not amenable to modern development and is that bothering you or even stopping you from using such an amazing tool? …

Getting Started

An intro for absolute Spark beginners

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Is this tutorial for you?

This tutorial is meant for data people with some Python experience that are absolute Spark beginners. It will help you installing Pyspark and launching your first script. You’ll learn about Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) and dataframes, the main data structures in Pyspark. We discuss some foundational concepts cause I think…

A design pattern for clean, fast, extensible and simple data processing

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In this article I’ll talk about how to process a collection of items in Python through several steps with relative efficiency and flexibility while keeping your code clean. We’ll do it by creating iterators that feed other iterators and so on, hence creating an iterator chain.

If you’ve read the…

Armando Rivero

“Learning is the new knowing” Physicist by training, but he really loves programming.

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